Meet Us


Pastor Jay McCaughey

Meet our dedicated shepherd, Pastor Jay, whose unwavering commitment to serving the flock with love, wisdom, and grace is the cornerstone of our congregation. With a heart devoted to God's word and a passion for nurturing spiritual growth, Pastor Jay leads by example, inspiring us to walk in faith, love one another, and serve our community with compassion. Under his guidance, we are empowered to embrace our calling, pursue God's purpose, and journey together toward deeper intimacy with our Savior.

Phone:(845) 266-9010
Email: [email protected]


Deacon Antonio Pedrosa

Meet our dedicated Deacon Antonio, a servant-hearted leader committed to supporting and uplifting our church family. With a heart overflowing with compassion and a spirit eager to serve, Deacon Antonio exemplifies Christ-like humility and selflessness. Whether extending a helping hand to those in need, praying fervently for our congregation, or facilitating acts of kindness within our community, Deacon Antonio embodies the spirit of servant leadership. Through his faithful stewardship and unwavering dedication, Deacon Antonio plays a vital role in fostering a culture of love, unity, and service within our church family, inspiring us all to follow the example of our Savior in serving others with joy and grace.

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